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Fangshion Pet Towel Dryer

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Keep them very dry!

Bathe and dry your pets whenever you can. Our pets are prone to strong diseases if they are not dried immediately when they are bathed, due to colds or other pathogens that can risk their health, remember that in winter days is when our pets are most affected by many diseases and to do so you must use an economical way to help you completely dry your little friend.

Do not use your personal towels anymore, no buy towels that are made for humans, to dry your pets, remember that this is a personal item and that each member of the family should have their own bathroom equipment and even more if it is a special one for animals with which you can dry them very well without wasting electricity.
We know that there are towels that fulfill their basic function, but let's be honest. They are for people, our Fangshion Pet Towel Dryer are made especially for animals, in different sizes and with the best quality in manufacturing, all totally premium to improve the comfort of your pets in every bath and drying.

  • 100% genuine cotton for a better feeling in the fur of our pets in each bath.
  • Our Fangshion Pet Towel Dryer is double-sided, which means you can use it twice per bath to ensure better drying for your pets.
  • Absorbs up to 3 times its weight! Our Fangshion Pet Towel Dryers are capable of retaining liquids in large quantities, thanks to their absorption technology to improve drying for animals.
  • Save electric energy, do not use expensive hair dryers, which can be a danger for the current they have, now you can do it with our Fangshion Pet Towel Dryer without wasting electric energy and helping the environment.
  • Save money at the grooming salon for your pet, no more wasting money taking your pets for a bath, now you can do it all from home and only spend a few dollars on shampoo.
  • Save time, no more traveling and waiting hours for your pet to be groomed and dried, now you can do it from home and without spending high prices at the salon.
  • Our Fangshion Pet Towel Dryer is compatible with any small or large animal, you can bathe hamsters, cats, dogs and many more, there are all colors and sizes for your pets.

Material: Fiber
Product Category: Absorbent Towel
Features: strong water absorption / double-sided available
Other functions: Dry hair / car cleaning / household cleaning