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Fangshion Waterproof Pet Cat litter pad

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Fangshion Waterproof Pet Cat litter pad 

If you have a cat and don't know what to do with the litter it leaves behind after it leaves the litter box, well, we have just what you need. Year after year, millions of cats around the world litter and our homes every day all day long, this is because our cats usually don't have a way to keep their litter from falling on the floor of our homes, so you will always see a lot of dirt around our cat's litter box.

Now we must tell the truth, in the market there is no product that solves this problem in the best way, because you can sweep and you can vacuum, but that, is a lot of work, while with our Fangshion Waterproof Pet Cat litter pad you only have to place it in front of your cat's litter and he will just use it and all the dirt will enter it without any effort.

  • High capacity filter, you can spill water and litter and everything will stay in the second cover of our Fangshion Waterproof Pet Cat litter pad so you won't dirty it anymore.
  • Sizes from 30x30 cm to 55x75 cm, so you can have more space for your cat.
  • Anti-dirt, our high-tech designs are made so that nothing escapes and you can keep your house clean all the time with no more dirt on the floor.
  • Stylish for any time, we have a lot of designs to make your cat happy and your house look nice and clean.
  • Easy to use, just place it in front of your litter box and let your cat do the rest.
  • Easy to clean, if you want to clean the litter, just open the compartment and take it out in the trash can of your house and you can use it again.

Product name: cat pad waterproof cat litter pad folding cat litter pad.
Product material: EVA
Product Specifications: Thickness before folding is 0.7cm, thickness after folding is 1.4cm, thickness of 1 size after folding is 1.7cm
Model function weights
XS (30*45cm) does not fold
S (40*50cm) not folded
M (45*60cm) foldable
L (55*70cm) foldable
Product Features:
Cat Mat Folding Garbage Cat Scratching Sand Mat Honeycomb Waterproof Cat Mat EVA Double Padded Bed Protection Floor.
cat legs and box sandpit.
EVA material, ultra-light, easy to carry for very messy cats, make sure to use a changing pad when soaking urine.
Super soft surface that doesn't care about cat legs like other pads.
Easy to clean sink head, shower or shaking head.
Packing list:
Cat litter pad x1